Silenworld reaches the finals of the Acrew Best Charter Yacht 

25 July 2020
Acrew Awards

Captain Michael Gooding and the crew of 40m SILENTWORLD, among the best in the world

Emotional connections with Silentworld

28 May 2017
Emotional Connections

Captain Michael Gooding of 40m SILENTWORLD, Reports on the emotional connection with guests.


Captain's Log: Superyacht expedition off the East Coast of Australia

17 Feb 2017
Kenn Reef Expedition - Captain's Log

Captain Michael Gooding of 40m SILENTWORLD, reports on a recent expedition with the Silentworld Foundation in conjunction with the Australian Maritime Museum.

Wrecks of three mystery 19th century trading ships found off Queensland Coast

A team of researchers from the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Silentworld Foundation have discovered three shipwrecks in the Coral Sea.............................. Wrecks of Three ships

Photo: Dr James Hunter dives with an anchor from one of the wrecks at Kenn Reefs.
(Supplied: Julia Sumerling/Silentworld Foundation)