Emotional connections with Silentworld

28 May 2017
Emotional Connections

Captain Michael Gooding of 40m SILENTWORLD, Reports on the emotional connection with guests.

Captain's Log: Superyacht expedition off the East Coast of Australia

17 Feb 2017
Kenn Reef Expedition - Captain's Log

Captain Michael Gooding of 40m SILENTWORLD, reports on a recent expedition with the Silentworld Foundation in conjunction with the Australian Maritime Museum.

Wrecks of three mystery 19th century trading ships found off Queensland Coast

A team of researchers from the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Silentworld Foundation have discovered three shipwrecks in the Coral Sea.............................. Wrecks of Three ships

Photo: Dr James Hunter dives with an anchor from one of the wrecks at Kenn Reefs.
(Supplied: Julia Sumerling/Silentworld Foundation)